Star Lodge Hotels will remain open to guests for the time being

Last updated on March 31, 10:00

Dear guest,

First of all, we wish everyone and especially all care employees a lot of strength in this challenging and uncertain time. We will inform you how we at Star Lodge Hotels deal with COVID-19. In accordance with the measures announced by the Cabinet, we follow the RIVM guidelines to prevent contamination or transfer of COVID-19. Star Lodge Hotels will remain open to guests for the time being.

For the sake of the health and safety of our guests and staff, we have introduced contact mitigation measures. So we serve your breakfast as a room service breakfast and deliver it for the room. Keep a safe distance of about 1.5 meters to anyone near you. We will also observe that distance.

We wash our hands with great regularity. We don't touch our heads. We cough in our elbow. Only together can we handle this. Regarding the further developments of COVID-19, we will closely monitor and inform you of the RIVM guidelines.

If you have any questions, please call us: 030 8000401. The reception is open unchanged. We look forward to greeting you. For now, keep you safe and healthy.

Team Star Lodge Hotels

The Star Lodge Hotel Utrect Concept

The most sustainable decision!

The Star Lodge concept is based on low budget, good value for money, sustainability, relaxation, and of course hospitality, where guests and their expectations come first.

Our aim is to provide guests with good value for money in a wonderful setting.

In addition to the hotel's natural surroundings, its green character is also reflected in its interior. Sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions were a top priority during the construction of the hotel and throughout its operation. This is evident from the use of LED lighting, energy-efficient switches, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable building materials.

For environmental and ecological reason, there is no air conditioning in the hotel, there is only central heating. We do have a moss roof which allows a better sound and thermal insulation: it is warmer during winter and colder during summer.

The Good Roll

Awesome! Creating an impact with the use of toilet paper? Yes, it's possible! Our lovely guests are proud users of The Good Roll; by every toilet visit, they are making the world a better place. This eco-sexy toilet paper is 100% tree-friendly and The Good Roll invests half of their net profit in building toilets in third world countries!


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